Updated Average Wait Time for a Hearing Panama City Social Security Disability Case

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The Social Security Administration actively tracks the approximate amount of time that a disability claimant has to wait for a hearing. Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson and Washington County Social Security Disability cases are heard by Federal Administrative Law Judges from the Tallahassee Office of Disability Adjudication and Review.

Statistics compiled by the Social Security Administration for May 2013 indicate that the approximate waiting time for a hearing in the Tallahassee Region (Panama City) is 16 months. Many times the amount of time required to obtain Social Security Disability Benefits can be reduced by an "On The Record Decision", a decision made prior to a hearing. At Shepard law we work to get Social Security Disability Benefits for our clients as soon as possible. If you are thinking about applying for Social Security Disability, or have already applied and been denied contact The Disability Group at (850) 215-5200 today for a free consultation.

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