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You have spent years working and contributing to the Social Security system through your payroll taxes, and you have a right to receive the disability benefits guaranteed by the government. Unfortunately, in the Panama City area, 76% of all initial applications are denied every year, and the process of appealing a claim can be lengthy, confusing and difficult. When you need benefits, you cannot afford to leave your fate in the hands of government bureaucrats. It is in your best interests to hire an attorney experienced in handling Social Security Disability cases. A Social Security Disability attorney can help you avoid common mistakes in the application process, help you seek the largest award of benefits possible, and can fight to defend your right to benefits if your claim is denied.





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One thing that sets Shepard Law apart is their emphasis on getting clients approved as soon as possible. Many firms do not press for an early resolution because they are paid a percentage of the "back pay" (benefits that should have been paid while the claim was being appealed). In other words, the longer a lawyer holds on to a case, the more he or she will get paid when the claimant is approved for benefits. In many cases, the team at Shepard Law is able to get a client approved "on the record," which is to say clients are approved before having to go before a judge at Hearing.

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The Shepard Law team believes in frequent client contact. Claiming Social Security Disability benefits is a long and drawn out process, a true "hurry up and wait" experience. When you work with the firm, you will not have to wonder about the current status of your claim, but will be able to find answers to your questions when you need them. Mr. Shepard is willing to personally meet with you throughout the process to tell you the work that has been done in your case, the current status of your case, what strategy is being employed, and what to expect going forward.
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No Health Insurance? They Have the Referrals You Need

One of the most challenging aspects of filing a successful Social Security Disability claim is providing recent medical records that adequately diagnose the medical issue (physical or psychological) that they are facing. Many people do not have health insurance and cannot afford regular medical care. This is a serious problem in the Social Security Disability application process because the Social Security Administration requires medical evidence to prove disability. The team at Shepard Law routinely refers clients to a network of low-cost clinics and charitable services to secure the necessary medical diagnosis to improve their chances of getting their disability claim approved.
Shepard Law Will Go Above & Beyond They Will Exceed Your Expectations

Shepard Law's Social Security Disability practice is built on helping people who have been denied benefits. The legal team is continually updating medical records and corresponding with the Hearing Office to review the claim in light of the new evidence in an effort to secure an approval prior to going to a Hearing. The team at Shepard Law is focused on getting clients the Social Security Disability benefits they deserve as soon as possible. In addition to receiving benefits from the date of your application's approval, it is possible in most cases to recover the benefits you would have received if your application had not been denied in the first place.

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