Does the Severity of the Disability Affect the Amount of Social Security Disability Benefits Received?

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The Social Security Administration DOES NOT determine the financial benefit of a Social Security disability claim based on the severity of a medical condition. This is true in spite of the fact that there are often great differences in the severity of Social Security Disability claimants' conditions. The fact that the severity of the disability is not considered in determining the amount of benefits a disabled person should receive is seemingly counterintuitive.

For example, a quadriplegic person with the same work history as a disabled person with a herniated disk in their back will receive the same financial and medical Social Security Disability benefits. Many people suffering from a herniated disk can bathe, dress, shop, and generally care for themselves (albeit at times in great pain); where a quadriplegic cannot and must be attended to by a caregiver. However, under both SSDI and SSI, people with these very different disabilities and care-giving needs who are similarly situated in terms of their past work may be eligible for the same benefits.

The Social Security Administration is simply focused on the question of whether or not the person's disability is serious enough to severely limit their ability to work. There are allowances for age and in an SSI claim income and assets may become a factor. To find out more about the Social Security Disability benefits that you may be eligible for in the Panama City area, call The Disability Group today at (850) 215-5200.

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