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Long Term Disability in Panama City

How will LTD affect my Social Security Disability claim?

If you are currently receiving benefits from your long term disability insurance policy, filing a claim for Social Security Disability may cause certain complications for which you must be prepared. Many LTD policies will not pay you anything if you are currently receiving any other form of benefits, so the insurance carrier may count the value of your SSD benefit payments as a credit against your claim. This would result in your LTD benefit amount being reduced accordingly. Another potential consequence is the fact that the insurance carrier may demand that you repay any benefit amounts you received in months when you were also paid benefits from the Social Security Administration. This can even extend to cases where the original SSD claim was denied but the individual has received unpaid benefits after a successful appeal, where the LTD insurance carrier is now requiring the individual to return payment.

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Legal Representation for Your Long Term Disability Claim

These issues may make the situation more complicated, but the team at Shepard Law can help you prepare for any potential problems and will represent you in the event of a dispute. You have a right to receive all the coverage to which you are entitled, and by hiring an attorney to represent you in your claim you can greatly improve your chances of being paid the amount you deserve.

Keep in mind that the insurance company's goal is different from yours-they want to avoid paying you anything more than absolutely necessary. By retaining legal representation, you give yourself a dedicated personal advocate who will protect your personal interests and fight to secure an outcome which works in your favor.

Contact Shepard Law as early as possible in the claims process, whether you are currently receiving LTD benefits or if you have not yet filed your claim.