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If you need to file a claim for Social Security Disability benefits in the Panama City area, you can come to The Disability Group for experienced legal counsel and dedicated representation. Ms. Gunter has been practicing law for twelve years, and his background includes handling hundreds of Social Security Disability cases. Ms. Gunter is assisted by an experienced support staff and paralegals who work to make the process as painless and as easy as possible.

When you hire The Disability Group to represent you in your SSD benefit claim, you will not be treated like a case or a number, but will receive caring personal attention at every stage of the process. Ms. Gunter will be available to meet with you to inform you of the latest status of your claim, to explain what has been done, what will be done, and what you should expect in the future. The team at The Disability Group understands the importance of client contact, because they know how important your case is to you and want to give you peace of mind.

Unlike many firms, The Disability Group will not sit passively on your case, but will seek the earliest approval for benefits possible. You may wonder- why would an attorney want to delay the application process? Attorneys are generally paid a percentage of a client's "back pay" (benefits that should have been paid by the Social Security Administration between the time that the person became disabled and the time that the Social Security Administration actually started paying benefits). This means the longer your claim takes, the more money your attorney will make on your claim. When Ms. Gunter and his staff formed The Disability Group, they determined that helping clients get the benefits that many of them so desperately need as soon as possible was the right thing to do. Certainly the firm will earn fees from their clients' cases, but if delaying a client's desperately needed benefits to make more in fees is wrong then the team at The Disability Group doesn't want to be right!

In the event that you do not have health insurance-and therefore have not been able to pay for extensive medical care-you might have trouble proving to the Social Security Administration that you have a qualifying disability. Fortunately, the firm can assist you in seeking medical attention through a network of low-cost clinics and charitable services, making it easier for you to claim the benefits you need and deserve.

If you want an attorney and a firm that cares about you and your case, and will work to help you recover benefits, contact The Disability Group now for a free case evaluation. The team at The Disability Group is dedicated to helping the disabled get the benefits they deserve and they are ready to begin working on your case today!

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